Wicked X Medusa

Wicked X Medusa

If you have used Wicked X then you need to try Wicked X Medusa. The strength of this product is Extreme and it’s potency is high. It’s Aroma is sweet and it will knock you off you feet more than Wicked X. This is more refined and more relaxing. Burn this Incense and feel the difference of strength. It’s uniqueness is undoubtebly clear. You can’t under estimate Wicked X Medusa. Try it and you won’t be Disppointed! This stands as one of the Top quality herbal incense which comes sealed and stamped with super potent aroma for your satisfaction. Our products are Lab tested and are reassured to be legal in all 50 States!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
5g is very much Available with reasonable price.


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